Investing on a pool for fun and excitement

By PragueHotelLink / March 4, 2017

There are people who are always looking at how to spend their weekends or holidays with much fun. It will surely be an exciting day to relax with family or friends.

Traveling is not always a solution to relax when you can find it at home. Some people go to different places to enjoy swimming, especially on a hot summer day. But, consider your own spot because it benefits you and your family or friends.

I am not talking about swimming in your bathtub. And then, not every house has enough space for a swimming pool. But, you might want to install and setup a pool. You can find them on the market at a more affordable price.

Reasons why people buy this pool

When one buys things, there are sure reasons why they would like to buy such. Now, let me tell you some of the reasons why people buy above ground pools. Continue reading


By PragueHotelLink / February 21, 2017
  1. Water trap (Water Hazard)

Water hazard is any parts of the ocean, lakes, pond, rivers, drains or other water lines (whether contain water or not) and other similar natural things on the golf course.

When the edge of a water hazard is defined by a stake, this stake is also considered as a part of the water hazard. Skate in this case is considered as the obstructions.

When both stakes and marking lines are used to identify a water hazard, the stakes will be things to identify water hazard areas and marking lines will be boundary line of the water trap.

When the water hazard is defined by the marking line, this marking line itself is located in a water hazard as well. The range of a water hazard is extended both up and down vertically.

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5 Features The Great Hiking Boots For Winter Must Contain

By PragueHotelLink / December 30, 2016

Purchasing winter hiking shoes can cause confusion. It must be warm and can keep your feet away from the damp snow. The leather shoes are your great choice. However, they should be breathable when you are hiking, whereas most leather boots cannot do this function well.

Before being discouraged, you should have more knowledge about their most crucial materials and features. If you know what your main target is, you can find your greatest winter items among numerous options much more easily.

1. Well-Rounded Protection

The main purpose of hiking shoes is that they can protect your feet from pains when walking up a slushy hill, a steep, across a chili lake or under the deep snow. They offer some variables which work together aiming atobstructing your feet from the harmful elements. If you want to buy high-quality hiking boots, you should find:

Water-resistant materials: An inner lining,Gore-Tex, can protect your feet from being wet. Leather uppers (near your ankle) and rubber lower (around your sole)can keep wet snow and water out. In the short time, or in the simple winter hike, you can make any hiking shoes to be waterproofby usingthe spray coatings. Keep the boots constantly in its position with in a day to make it water-resistant.

Hiking Boots


Removable liners: If your boots’ interior space gets damp, you should dry them right away at your camping area or when going back home.

Right cuts: Theseoffer various styles consisting of high-cut, mid-cut and low-cut.Each themcontains its different advantages. Withcold hiking boots, you should choose a pair from mid to high cut thatcan keep water and snow out and protect your ankles when hiking in the severe winter condition.

2. Insulation

One popular insulating materialmost people use to makewinter hiking shoes is Thinsulate, the oneproduced by firmssuch as Sorel. That material is very warm and light.Other great insulating materials are polypropylene,Zylex, and wool. No matter which materialis,you should purchase boots containing following features:

  • Between 400g and 800g insulation.
  • Double-layer insulation is best for allwinter hikes. The interior materials just have single-layer insulation, whereasdual-layer shoes contain both an outer and innerones. Moreover, single-layer style is useful for a casual winter hike. However, for winter camping or advanced hiking, you should take the double-layer into consideration.

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3 superior Slowpitch Softball Brands

If you are a big fan of the famous slowpitch softball then surely you know the answer to the question what is the best slowpitch softball bat. It is common knowledge thatMiken, Easton, alsoDemarini, and even the Louisville brands are undoubtedly in the top list of 4 best softball bat manufacturers.

3 superior Slowpitch Softball Brands


We, therefore, recommend some brands together with a few listed advantages and disadvantages of these four brands, first isMikenand then to Demarini, Easton, Louisville will finish the list.

Miken bats

Miken is known as a popular brand that is chosen by many professional players such as Jeremy Isenhower. Situated in Caledonia, Miken brands primarily specialize in making superior softball bats, also gloves as well as other sports facilities.

Their benchmark technologyis completely comped formulation that provides a 100% luxurious composite material for these bats.


  • Mikenslowpitch softball bats provide a great deal of instant comfort and also ease when players try holding at the first time.
  • They are also very durable and flexible. The reviews written to Miken bats say that they provide a capacity of surviving though 500 hits.
  • Strong and powerful are two most noticeable features inMiken bat. Powerful players can throw the ball so far out of sight with just a slight swing.
  • For mostplayers, these Miken bats are as hot as out of the wrapper. They can even have the perfect hit without even touching in the bat.

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Hunting Backpack Reviews to Read

Tips on finding a hunting backpack

If you are a hunter, you must carry gadgets, gears and accessories that have a good quality. Staying out in the field sounds so easy and simple, but you must know that this is a very serious matter. You are not going out in battle without having the strongest and the best weapons so that you can win and survive the fight. That is very true to millions of hunters out there, you have to be loaded with the best things, so that you can have a successful stay in the forest.

How can you find the best backpack, then, for your hunting activities? Now, let’s look at various things that you must consider in finding a hunting backpack. These things must be considered very well, so you have to make sure that you are going to get into the details seriously. So, here are some tips that you must do.

First, you may check out different hunting backpacks that are available in the market. You can list them down and make a chart to compare those hunting backpacks. In your chart, you can write some descriptions, such as the length and width of the backpack, number of pockets, materials used, the design of the backpack, the frames, the straps, the waist belt, the brand and the price of the backpack. It might take you some time to complete your chart, but this is the best way of comparing the hunting backpacks from different manufacturers. Let’s say that you are making your own

Hunting Backpack Reviews to Read



Next, before picking one of those hunting backpacks. You must know why you are looking for one. What is your primary purpose for finding a hunting backpack? Where will you use this backpack and how long will you want to use it? You have to determine your outdoor activities so that you will know if the hunting backpack that you are about to pick satisfies your needs as a hunter.

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The finest motorcycle helmet speakers and how to get them

By PragueHotelLink / October 17, 2016

For people who have been searching for helmet speakers for as long as they can remember, they must have realized that the choices are endless. If you have invested in helmet speakers before, you may have already learned a thing or two about it but if you’ve never done that then you should find the best motorcycle helmet speakers at all cost.

There are some similarities between the best motorcycle helmet speakers and the headphones usually used. Both have to be comfortable, durable and sound good. The difference is these will be featured on your helmet and that means some issues need to be solved first.

motorcycle helmet speakers


Important things

You should start investing in the best motorcycle helmet speakers only after taking a look at this section one time or check my source. In order to get the best one, you need to check if it’s compatible and go through lots of essential tasks beforehand. If not you might end up wasting a lot of money to buy a wrong pair of speakers for your motorcycle helmet.

Below are some of the things you need to know to get the most suitable speakers for your helmet. These questions will help you know precisely what to expect in a pair of helmet speakers.

– Do they suit your ears?

Some helmet’s ear pads will let the particularly designed speakers fit through easily but some will not let it slide. Base on the shape of the helmet you have, first choose the speakers’ style and model that can comfort both you and your helmet. Doesn’t matter if the sound is perfect or it’s fashionable, as long as it’s not comfortable enough for you, everything else would be affected immediately.

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Best Beginner Ukulele for you

By PragueHotelLink / October 7, 2016

One of the hottest musical instruments sought after now is the ukulele, since you have come to this article I understood that you have already decided to purchase one. But before that, there are certain points I need to raise to you before you buy one online or head to a local music store. I promise you this will help you save money and effort. Before going to those details, I think its my obligation to share to you my own personal experience for me to give a more objective opinion and not waste your time .

I am a seasoned player of bass player but one day a close friend of mine went to my gig and played a ukulele and I immediately fell in love with the sound . I became curious and wanted to buy one immediately without thinking things through. I just went to the nearest music store and just purchased the one that looks good to my eyes. Turns out that it is too small for my hand and was just a waste of money. That’s the time I checked and researched about ukuleles. So to help you have the best experience first hand, I have listed some questions as guide for you to follow.

Best Beginner Ukulele



Questions to ask when choosing best the best beginner ukulele:

First question is are you a total beginner which means to say that you don’t have any experience in playing any string instruments such as a guitar, banjo, mandolin and bass player?

Second question, if you have an experience, are you still a beginner in that instrument or an expert in that instrument?

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Celestron Outland X 10×42 Review

By PragueHotelLink / October 5, 2016

Binoculars or also known as field glasses are types of binocular telescopes that is used to view distant objects. They are usually handy and they give users a clear image. It is a very useful companion for various uses. It can be for general purposes, such as, viewing some tourist spots or attractions, land surveys or collecting geographic data, bird watching, hunting, range finding, military and astronomical use. The purpose and use of a binocular will always depend on the person using it and his activities.

The Use of Binoculars


The Celestron

The Celestron is a trusted company that is based in California, USA. They are known for manufacturing various types or models of telescopes binoculars, the spotting scopes and microscopes. As of 2010, the Celestron has various products, such as, Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes, refractor telescopes, reflector telescopes, the SkyScout, digital microscopes, biological microscopes, stereo viewing microscopes, binoculars, spotting scopes, various mounts, eyepiece lines and barlows. Aside from that, they also produce gadget accessories that are manufactured by the Synta Technology Corporation of Taiwan, which is The Celestron’s parent company.

The Celestron Binoculars

The Celestron has started producing binoculars with a high quality at an affordable price. How is that because before they just focus on producing entry level binoculars? Due to the high demand of binoculars, the Celestron has combined the superior optics, contemporary design and advanced technology and have come up with binoculars for astronomy and terrestrial uses.

Celestron Outland X 10×42 Review

They have come up with a mid-size design of an Outland X Series that meets the need of various binocular users. This Outland X Series is made up of multi-coated feature for high contrast viewing and for obtaining high resolution, having a BaK-4 prism glass for an enhanced color reliability. It has a twist-up eyecups that can be positioned correctly with or without your eyeglasses. It also has a close focus distance of 14.8ft. You can easily use the center focus of the Celestron Outland X 10×42.

The Use of Binoculars


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Introduction to the compound bow

By PragueHotelLink / October 1, 2016

Compound bows are a modern type of bows that makes use of a levering system. It is composed of cables and eccentric pulley that makes the limbs of the compound bow efficient. The technology used to construct the compound bows helps in the improvement of the bows accuracy because it will reduce the sensitivity of the bow when there are changes in the humidity and temperature.

A compound bow is also a kind of bow used in sports and various outdoor activities. This is another great way of spending time with your family or friends. Those who are interested to learn using the compound bow must continue because this will be a good way and a stepping stone for them to have a career in sports in the future. People who are fond of using the compound bows may also come to various shops or centers where it is offered.


Functions of a compound bow stabilizer

There are various functions of a stabilizer in a compound bow, but these functions aim to eliminate the vibration within the bow and the noise that is coming from the bow after firing. Once that this vibration was reduced, then it will also lessen the shock on the hand and it will keep your bow in a steady state. The compound bow stabilizers will act as a tool to provide stability and a steady platform, so that you can have an accurate shot. These compound bow stabilizers are attached to the bow and they are made from various materials with different sizes and shapes.

The Best Compound Bow Stabilizers

Now, how will you know which one is the best compound bow stabilizer for you to use. Stabilizers are made of various materials, such as, metal, but people prefer a composite material that is lighter in weight to also decrease the weight of the bow. Compound bow stabilizers have tubes that contain the dampening device that could either be made of a rubber or gel. This will take the vibration away from the bow. You must also consider the length of your bow when choosing a compound bow stabilizer. This will actually depend if you are a target shooter or a bow hunter. The target shooters will surely choose a longer stabilizer because the length of the stabilizer may add stability to the bow while they are shooting. Bow hunters will surely prefer the shorter stabilizers because it has a greater condition for their hunting. The last thing that you must also know is the customizability or adjustability of the stabilizer. Choose the compound stabilizer that best suits your needs. Here are the best compound stabilizers for you to check out.

The best compound bow stabilizer on the market is the Static Stabilizer of the Trophy Ridge, which is of great design and quality that is perfect to stabilize the accuracy of the bow. This compound stabilizer is great and was testified to reduce the shock through absorptions. It is added with a durable and an ultra-light weight composite and an aluminum material in front of the bow, which provides a good counterbalance and it is a perfect trajectory for your shooting. It provides a soft grip system with a soft coating for your gripping surface and a customizable stabilizer for your bow. It has a Ballistic CoPolymer Sytem feature for the air to pass that gives more stability to your bow.

Next, we have the 10-inch Bee Stinger Sport Hunter Xtreme Bow Stabilizer that is designed for seasoned shooters, which provides good stability in the entire system from the beginning until the end. It has an exceptional dampening system that eliminates vibration after shooting. This is said to be an ultimate bow hunting accessory. It comes with individual weights for customizing and balancing your bow that is made up of an ultra-rigid carbon rod with the Sims Internal Harmonic Dampener.

Lastly, we have the 8-inch Pro Hunter Maxx Stabilizer of the Bee Stinger that is one of the smoothest stabilizers that gives you vibration reduction. This made and designed with a light carbon composite rod. It has a Sims Internal Harmonic Dampener and of course, De-Resonator components to reduce more vibrations. It has three customizable weights that are perfect for your balancing.

These compound bow stabilizers will surely give you the best accurate shoot in the field because of their advanced and innovative technology component. Now, that the list was given, the choice is yours.

Top 5 most beautiful beaches in Vietnam

By PragueHotelLink / May 27, 2016

Vietnam, a nation reminiscent of a war-torn epic that range of rock-and-move, debauchery, and destruction¬ was, as of not long ago, went to buy just the bold voyager. In spite of the fact that late in its entry as an individual from part of the Southeast Asian travel belt, today this bow molded area with inalienable tropical magnificence has pulled in universal advance, prompting a convergence of spending plan vacationers and extravagance voyagers alike from over the globe.

  1. Evason Ana Mandara Nha Trang

Arranged at Nha Trang’s beachfront, the Evason Ana Mandara offers dazzling perspectives of Nha Trang Bay. Highlighting extravagance, rich configuration and stylistic theme, the extravagance resort offers visitor rooms that are either arranged in the rich tropical patio nurseries or with stupendous perspectives of the ocean. Every unit is furnished with a Jacuzzi and has free web access. There are a few eating alternatives, after the Pavilion Cafeteria that deals Vietnamese and International claims to fame to the Beach Restaurant where guests can taste freshest nearby fish by the vastness swimming pool.

  1. Mekong Delta

The Mekong Delta is the area in southern Vietnam where the Mekong River methodologies and exhausts into the ocean. It is an exceptionally rich and lavish range, secured with rice handle that creates about a portion of the aggregate of Vietnam’s nursery yield. In this custom, lifespan in the Mekong Delta switches much about the stream, and every one of the towns is frequently open by waterway instead of by street.

  1. La Residence Hue Hotel and Spa

Situated in the heart of Hue, the La Residence Hue Hotel, and Spa is comprised of 122 open guestrooms. These housings are smoothly selected with a wide exhibit of present day courtesies. Charming neighborhood, local, and worldwide food can be acknowledged in inn’s eatery and visitors can taste on their most loved beverage at the comfortable bar. Guests can work out in the exercise center, take a dunk in the swimming pool, absorb the sauna or appreciate an assortment of spa administrations.

  1. Phu Quoc

Positioned before the Cambodia seaside, Phu Quoc is the largest island in Vietnam. Phu Quoc is the item that Phuket would be on the off accidental that it hadn’t been overwhelming by advancement. The island highlights immaculate tropical woods, undamaged coral reefs, and incredible shorelines. One of its shorelines, named Bai Dai (Long Beach), was picked by the ABC News as one of five lovely and clean shorelines. Phu Quoc is celebrated for creating the best nuoc mam or matured fish sauce on the planet. See more Phu Quoc tour Continue reading

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