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One of the hottest musical instruments sought after now is the ukulele, since you have come to this article I understood that you have already decided to purchase one. But before that, there are certain points I need to raise to you before you buy one online or head to a local music store. I promise you this will help you save money and effort. Before going to those details, I think its my obligation to share to you my own personal experience for me to give a more objective opinion and not waste your time .

I am a seasoned player of bass player but one day a close friend of mine went to my gig and played a ukulele and I immediately fell in love with the sound . I became curious and wanted to buy one immediately without thinking things through. I just went to the nearest music store and just purchased the one that looks good to my eyes. Turns out that it is too small for my hand and was just a waste of money. That’s the time I checked and researched about ukuleles. So to help you have the best experience first hand, I have listed some questions as guide for you to follow.

Best Beginner Ukulele

Questions to ask when choosing best the best beginner ukulele:

First question is are you a total beginner which means to say that you don’t have any experience in playing any string instruments such as a guitar, banjo, mandolin and bass player?

Second question, if you have an experience, are you still a beginner in that instrument or an expert in that instrument?

Third question, how much is your budget?

I asked those questions, cause they will all matter when choosing the ukulele. Ok, now that you have thought about it, I can now hand down the four basic ukulele for beginners.

Some of the common or most basic Ukuleles

  1. The Baritone Ukulele– This ukulele has a fret of more than thirty, a length of about 30 inches and the tunings are DGBE. This is for players with a little experience with string instruments and has a bigger finger or hand
  1. The Tenor Ukulele- has a fret of more than fifteen, a total length of about 26 inches and the tunings are tunings are DGBE and GCEA. Also ideal for players with a little experience with string instruments and for those with bigger fingers.
  1. Concert Ukulele- has a fret of between 15 to 20, a total length of 23 inches and the tunings are GCEA. A good ukulele for total beginners or amateur which means is good for people who have no experience in any string instrument.
  1. Suprano Ukulele- has a fret of 15 to 20, a total length of 20 inches and the tunings are G4, C4, E4,A4 and A4,D4,F#4,B4. This is the most commonly adviced ukulele to buy.

    Best Beginner Ukulele

For the best beginner ukulele, I strongly recommend that you either buy the Suprano or the Concert ukuleles. They are well suited for that purpose, meaning it is easier to use good ukulele for beginners and the sound is like the typical kind of ukulele unlike the Baritone and Tenor which have too deep tone.

I will be focusing on the 2 most commonly used types which is the Suprano and the Concert Ukulele. For best ukulele brands for beginners or model to choose from is the Lanikai and the Kala brands.

Concert Ukulele

The Concert Ukulele is the best choice for those who have slight experience with string instruments. Personally this is the one I have now. I have switched from bass guitar to the ukulele and Concert Ukulele is the right choice for me. There are many people like me who transitioned from other string instruments to the ukulele. I strongly suggest you get this ukulele first. It have much bigger space for your fingers to move and this kind of ukulele is much harder to put out of tune because of the bigger tension it gives on the string. When it comes to price, both the Lanikai and Kala sports a price around a hundred dollars.

Soprano Ukulele

The Soprano Ukulele is the best choice for people who have zero experience in any kind of string instruments whether guitar, bass player, mandolin or banjo. This is perfect for little kids or people with little fingers. Its price range from around $50 to $75 which is so much cheaper than the Tenor or the Baritone. When it comes to the brand or model, you can choose confidently with either the Lanikai LU-21 or the Kala KA-S.

I do wish that this simple article will help you choose the best ukulele for you to get the best experience with it and enjoy playing as much as I do.

About the Author:

Billy S. is a bass player, ukulele player, composer and band member in a local bar, as well a small music store owner in Cambodia. Married and is a father of a healthy baby boy.

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