3 superior Slowpitch Softball Brands

If you are a big fan of the famous slowpitch softball then surely you know the answer to the question what is the best slowpitch softball bat. It is common knowledge thatMiken, Easton, alsoDemarini, and even the Louisville brands are undoubtedly in the top list of 4 best softball bat manufacturers.

3 superior Slowpitch Softball Brands
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We, therefore, recommend some brands together with a few listed advantages and disadvantages of these four brands, first isMikenand then to Demarini, Easton, Louisville will finish the list.

Miken bats

Miken is known as a popular brand that is chosen by many professional players such as Jeremy Isenhower. Situated in Caledonia, Miken brands primarily specialize in making superior softball bats, also gloves as well as other sports facilities.

Their benchmark technologyis completely comped formulation that provides a 100% luxurious composite material for these bats.


  • Mikenslowpitch softball bats provide a great deal of instant comfort and also ease when players try holding at the first time.
  • They are also very durable and flexible. The reviews written to Miken bats say that they provide a capacity of surviving though 500 hits.
  • Strong and powerful are two most noticeable features inMiken bat. Powerful players can throw the ball so far out of sight with just a slight swing.
  • For mostplayers, these Miken bats are as hot as out of the wrapper. They can even have the perfect hit without even touching in the bat.


  • Weighting might be a problem of these bats as they are much heavier than their counterparts for the players.
  • Detecting sweet spot sometimes causes lots of trouble; therefore these bats are sometimes considered the second choice to some players.

Bats of Demarini

DeMarini Sports Inc. is located in Oregon of the United States where it has a reputation for producing the best softball merchandise in the world.

The Research and Development department of the DeMarini Inc. tries hard to release an innovative technology that helps in making thehigh-qualityslowpitch bats all over the world.

3 superior Slowpitch Softball Brands
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Their well-knownDivergence in technology helps to expand the sweet spot attached in the SC4 Alloy that provides a strong grip.


  • Undoubtedly, these bats are superhot. There is absolutely no waiting time for you to get the perfect hits.
  • Because these bats are manufactured by the best of both composite and non-composite, they are incredibly praised for being so sturdy.
  • Big players see DeMarini as their secret weapon because undeniably, they have strong power.
  • These DeMarini bats are the only one in the feels. Batters introduce them to many other people due to their level of flexibility they provide when hitting.


  • Mixed comments are sent by users. To some people, these DeMarini bats are just what they have always dreamt of, and for others, they are seen as a big disappointment. DeMarini batsundoubtedly haveboth of hits and also misses.
  • Another problem is durability. Unfortunately, a small number of them are not so long-lasting.

Easton bats

Easton has its reputation indistributing, manufacturing, and marketing as well as other merchandises in baseball every year. They sell various ranges of bats with attractive features at reasonable prices, without sacrificing the element of quality. These bats consist of Easton’s trademark IMX that is known for maximum performance.


  • Affordable price, high quality are two main factors in making Easton the best of the best brands that are providing bats for slowpitch softball. Starters are the ones who love this brands.
  • Batters recommend Easton as one of the most strong and flexible. These bats are believed to be able to survive through 1000 hits.


  • It is undeniable that among the world of players the thin grips designed on the handle are mostly considered as minus point in bats of Easton. Most professional players change the grip right after they buy it to play better.

About theauthor: John Sydwell, a softball player, has a huge passion for sports and he has a huge collection of the most modern equipment of sport to serve his ambition. To explain for this huge passion, he revealed that sport has always been his source of fascination and outlet of stress, which allows him to live much better.

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