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By PragueHotelLink / February 21, 2017
  1. Water trap (Water Hazard)

Water hazard is any parts of the ocean, lakes, pond, rivers, drains or other water lines (whether contain water or not) and other similar natural things on the golf course.

When the edge of a water hazard is defined by a stake, this stake is also considered as a part of the water hazard. Skate in this case is considered as the obstructions.

When both stakes and marking lines are used to identify a water hazard, the stakes will be things to identify water hazard areas and marking lines will be boundary line of the water trap.

When the water hazard is defined by the marking line, this marking line itself is located in a water hazard as well. The range of a water hazard is extended both up and down vertically.

The ball is considered lie in the water trap when a part or the whole ball is in the water hazard areas.

  1. The sticks to rescue ball out of the water hazard

Ball Retriever: This is a long stick with a piece in the top stick to get the ball out of the water or dangerous areas.

  1. Standing water temporarily

This is the phrase using on the golf course. This phrase is used to identify the temporary pond of water but this water pond is not a part of the water trap. Moreover, the players can recognize this temporary water pond when they are ready to play.

Snow and ice are considered as the temporary standing water or movement objects. It is depending on the choice of the players.

Artificial ice is considered as an artificial barrier.

Mist is not temporary standing water.

The Balls are considered in the temporary standing water when a part or the whole balls are in the temporary standing water area.

  1. Water Hole

This word is used to identify a hole that if the players want to play that hole, they have to hit the ball over the water. (Water in this case can be a lake or a stream)

  1. Drunk

This word is figurative meaning. For example, to dunk a golf ball means that you hit the ball into the water.

The above are some definitions you may face in golf. So what should you do if your balls drop in the water hazards. Water hazer is always an challenge of all golf players . Therefore, a question here is how to follow the golf rules when you are in the difficult circumstances. In my next article, I will introduce to you how to deal with some problems regarding to water in the sports of golf. In next topic, I will show you how to take the ball out of the water hazard, how to hit the ball in the water hazard. You will learn about lost balls or disappeared balls and what should we do in this circumstances. Therefore, you should read the next article in order to have more knowledge about the sport of golf. It is the huge source of new definitions that you should learn when you want to start to play golf.

For the beginner of golf, today I will introduce to you some definitions relating to water in golf. Current weather has turned to rainy season. Therefore, when golfers tee off in this season, they will face with water frequently. In case you can buy some accessories equipment that is helpful in the golf course such as best golf GPS watch. Otherwise, you can refer to this article, it is definitely useful to many golfer not just only new beginners.

My name is Mark Parker and welcome to my world. You can find a lot of experience in golf here as I am a golf lover and my life is just about golf. I often search information and learn from other people who have the same hobbies with me.

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