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Investing on a pool for fun and excitement

By PragueHotelLink / March 4, 2017

There are people who are always looking at how to spend their weekends or holidays with much fun. It will surely be an exciting day to relax with family or friends.

Traveling is not always a solution to relax when you can find it at home. Some people go to different places to enjoy swimming, especially on a hot summer day. But, consider your own spot because it benefits you and your family or friends.

I am not talking about swimming in your bathtub. And then, not every house has enough space for a swimming pool. But, you might want to install and setup a pool. You can find them on the market at a more affordable price.

Reasons why people buy this pool

When one buys things, there are sure reasons why they would like to buy such. Now, let me tell you some of the reasons why people buy above ground pools.

First, when it comes to an investment, it will be cheaper to invest in an above ground pool. Of course, in-ground pools will be expensive. Let’s say that an above ground pool will cost 10x cheaper than an in-ground pools.

Second, the time it takes to setup and install this pool is less. After receiving your package, you may start preparing it and in a couple of days, the pool must be filled already with water. So, the excitement won’t need to wait. Compared to an in-ground pool, where you have to wait for weeks or months before you can start swimming.

Third, this above ground pool is portable and if you do not want to use it or simply want to store it, then packing is easy. Your above ground pool won’t be wasted. It is also good to bring this to a different location, especially if you are planning for a very long summer getaway.

Fourth, during the summer days, you would surely want to relax on this pool. This is the best way to escape from the hot weather anyway. You do not need to book a resort just for this fun. No long waiting is needed. Your time is yours and the pool is just a few steps away from your doorstep.

Lastly, it has a very special purpose. You may use this as a water therapy to treat your pains or body joint problems. And since it is just at your backyard, then the possibility of your treatment is within your reach.

Brief Pool Intex Reviews 400

Now, to start and go on with the excitement and fun that these above ground pools bring. We have here some brief reviews of various products to choose from.

One is the easy-to-install Intex Easy Pool Set. It is made of laminated PVC side walls with an inflatable ring on top. This set includes a 1000-gallon/hour filter, a pool ladder, pump and a DVD setup manual. The water capacity is from 1485 to 5455 gallons. It is available is various sizes, such as 12’x30”, 15’x48”, 18’x48”, 15’x36”, 8’x30” and 15’x42”.

The next option is the easy-to-install Intex Metal Frame Pool Set. It is made of a PVC material. This set includes a filter pump at 530GPH capacity and a pool ladder. The water capacity is from 1485 to 5455 1,718 gallons. It is available is various sizes, such as 24’x52”, 18’x48, 15’x48”and 12’x30”.

Another option is the Intex Ultra Frame Pool Set with Saltwater System. It is made from a laminated PVC side walls with a ground fault circuit that prevents electric shocks. This set includes saltwater system, filter pump, pool ladder, ground cloth, debris cover, sand filter pump, and a DVD for maintenance. The water capacity is 6,981 gallons with an 18’x52” size.

For the last option, we have the saltwater system compatible Intex Rectangular Ultra Frame Pool Set. This set includes a pool ladder, ground cloth, pump filter, debris cover, a DVD for maintenance, a maintenance kit and a volleyball set. The water capacity is 8,500 gallons with a 24’x12’x52” size.

These sturdy above ground pools might amaze you and contribute more fun for your summer days. With the given reviews, hope that you can choose one and install in your backyards.

Nec has kids at home and she has a space at the back of the house. She wanted to have a usual swimming pool there, but it will really eat much money. So, when she found out about the above ground pools online, she then granted her wish to have a pool for the family.”


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