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Effective Tips and Tricks for Bass Fishing

By PragueHotelLink / March 31, 2017

Fishing is one of the outdoor activities that young and old are hooked with. This is also one of the addicting activities that many men and women are enjoying in different parts of the world. There are those who likes catching various species of fish and then, releasing them after some documentation. This is usually done by researchers, students and doctors. There are also those who likes catching a specific type of fish, such as bass or largemouth bass.

Effective Tips and Tricks for Bass Fishing

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Your search for bass could be very challenging. But, there are some tools that may help you catch the fish that you want. You may use fish finders. It is an equipment that can gather details about fish. Through this device, you will know if there are fish around. This device has a monitor, where you can see a graphical representation of what is under the water. Therefore, having this tool for your bass fishing can help succeed.

Bass Fishing Tips

Bass is common in North America, having a maximum of 29.5 inches in length, 22 pounds in weight and 16 years of life. They feed from insects, frogs, snakes, shrimps and small fishes. Now, to have a successful bass fishing. We have here tips for you to remember.

  • Bass is out when they are hungry.
  • They stay in their shelters when there is too much sun.
  • When the weather is cloudy or muddy, before the sun rises and when the sun is setting, the bass comes out from their shelters.
  • Spring time is the best season to catch bass because they usually swim to the shallow parts for feeding and nesting. When you catch a female bass, make sure to release them, so that they can complete the spawning.
  • Always check your line and avoid contacts with rocks or gravel to prevent it from breaking.
  • Try your luck using live baits, hungry bass loves it.
  • Bobbers are useful in adjusting the bait’s depth.
  • Use various baits, such as Topwater Bait, Crank Bait, Spinner Bait and Jerk Bait.

Bass Fishing Techniques

To be successful in catching bass, you must know various techniques. So, we have here some fishing tips and tricks for bass fishing.


Pitching is one of the easiest techniques to do, but you need to practice proper timing. You must have even line and reel. Practice swinging your rods towards the target bass. Proper timing is also needed in lowering the tip of the rod to the water, grabbing the lures and pulling the line. You must be fast in closing your reel as your bait lands on the water.

Effective Tips and Tricks for Bass Fishing

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This technique needs more time to practice than pitching. But, this technique used in bass fishing is more precise than pitching. Practice your skills swinging your bait in a pendulum motion and hitting your desired target.


With this type of bass fishing style, you need to exert more effort in reeling up the worm with a sinker bouncing just a few inches into the bottom of the water column. And then, you must master moving the tip of the rod making the bait to dance.

Using Fish Finders with Bass Fishing

We have here some of the fish finder products briefly reviewed for your bass fishing.

For mounting

We have the Lowrance Elite 7 Gold. It comes with a GPS system capability, mapping and transducer. Next is the Lowrance Elite 5 Gold Fishfinder and Chartplotter. It comes with a GPS system capability, mapping, transducer, LCD screen display, sonar function and chart plotting. Lastly, we have the Garmin GP SMAP 541s GPS Finder. It comes with a 5-inch LCD screen display, GPS system capability and mapping.

For Portability

We have the NorCrossHawkEye F33P Fish Finder. It comes with a 25-degree sonar angle and covers a maximum depth of 100 feet. It is small that it just fits into your hand. And then, we also have the Garmin Echo 100 FishFinder. It comes with a dual beam transducer. You can mount this portable device on trolling motors or transom.

Those are the fishing tips and tricks for bass fishing. This information will surely help you towards a successful bass fishing. So, start working on it and get the bass into your buckets.

Jack likes fishing. He does this outdoor activity with his friends. They like experimenting and trying various fishing techniques. Their weekend fishing has turned out to be habitual. So, they would like to continue this activity in various conditions.”

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